About Us


ACTION SPACE is collaboration of businesses, organizations, and individuals working together within the world of action sports. The operating model can, in many ways, be compared to the Olympics, as no one owns the Olympics, it’s not a company, and a group of people (its committee) that organize competitions around the world. Moreover, the Olympics has sponsors, businesses, organizations, athletes, and private individuals that all work together. The purpose of ACTION SPACE is to create and display great content on social media—e.g., through events and competitions, music videos, sponsorships, digital magazines (social feed-based magazines), and social TV.​

Those that work together in ACTION SPACE have different objectives. Some deliver specialist services, some sponsor to get visibility, while others retrieve statistics from social media to create digital advertising packages.


ACTION SPACE started out as a project funded by the tech company GAC (Global App Casting) and was established to study the commercial value of logos displayed on social media – initially focusing on pro scootering. Today, ACTION SPACE has evolved and is now active with different action sports, engaging with businesses, organizations, and people around the world.


Action Sports TV (ASTV) is a social media TV channel, meaning that everything made by ASTV is broadcast only on social networks, such as Instagram TV (IGTV) and YouTube. All studio recordings are virtual, entailing 100 % virtual studios, with people being recorded in front of a green screen and then placed in a virtual studio.​

ASTV’s mission is to broadcast news, debate programs, competitions, events, reality TV, and interviews from the world of action sports.


The purpose of the ACTION SPACE Aid Foundation is to support action sports professionals that have been injured outside competitions and that aren’t covered by medical insurance. Moreover, the ACTION SPACE Aid Foundation supports charity organizations such as Adrenaline Alley (one of Europe’s largest indoor BMX and Skateboard Parks), addressing the needs of local communities and is recognized for helping others, developing skills, and providing an inclusive social environment.


Social media accounts​

ASTV and all of ACTION SPACE social media accounts are accounts that have been managed by people not related to ASTV and ACTION SPACE and that previously had different kinds of content. Today, these social media accounts have changed their name and been rebranded. New content has been uploaded, and all the accounts are managed through larger social media management platforms such as Sendible partnering with Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Offensive language
Social media has become one of the most important ways to communicate, as well as exchange ideas and points of view. Unfortunately, the discourse is often crippled by abusive language that can have damaging effects on social media users (businesses and individuals). ​

The vastness of social media account owners makes it necessary to provide and allow a decent environment for children. Because of the impact of the negative influences of social media, especially on teenage users, this facilitates an increase in the use of offensive language in social conversations. This increase could lead to frustration, depression, and large changes in their behavior. Moreover, more and more businesses / sponsors require a novel approach to classify bad language usage in text conversations. This means that social media account owners have the responsibility to use non-offensive language and delete comments that are inappropriate and offensive. ACTION SPACE has, due to contractual obligations and to ensure a safe environment for everyone (especially minors), chosen a zero-tolerance policy against inappropriate and offensive language on its social media accounts. If someone uses inappropriate and offensive language in a comment, such comment will be deleted. If someone has had his or her comments deleted three (3) times, such individual will be blocked.



ACTION SPACE merch is being distributed by the company, GT Creative. There are two types of merch: merch displaying only the ACTION SPACE and/or ASTV logo and merch displaying the ACTION SPACE and ASTV logos together with certain action sports professionals—a.k.a. collab-merch.​ ​

50% of the profit made on merch displaying only ACTION SPACE and/or ASTV is reinvested in creating competitions and events. 25 % is allocated to charity (through the ACTION SPACE Aid Foundation), and the last 25% is reserved for administration and handling.